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"make varketili green"

Another rally was held within the framework of the "Make Varketili Green" campaign initiated by Revaz Sokhadze, a majoritarian MP from the Samgori district of Tbilisi Sakrebulo.

At today's rally, in Varketili 3, IV m / r, 200 cedar trees were planted at the football field near the 425th building.

According to the majoritarian MP Revaz Sokhadze, the rally was supported by the company "Lilo Mall".

"According to today's action, the area around the stadium located in the fourth micro-district of Varketili 3 is being greened. We are holding this event together with the representatives of the company "Lilo Mall".

"I am glad that our campaign" Make Varketili green "continues at an intensive pace, which indicates that more and more locations in Varketili will be planted and improved," - said Revaz Sokhadze.

Tbilisi Sakrebulo member Tinatin Nibloshvili, founder of Lilo Mall Gia Andghuladze and General Director Giorgi Kvaratskhelia attended the rally.

Project "gonio"

"Lilo Mall" organized a week-long vacation with families with the most loyal employees to support the tourist season.
As part of the campaign, Lilo Mall fully funded the recreation of 40 people at the White Room Hotel.

სრულად ნახვა

Project "Palitra"

Publishing Palitra El Book Festival in Lilo Mall.

Lilo Mall hosted the publishing house Palitra El Book Festival.

Project "Forte"

Forte is 30 years old

Forte is already 30 years old!
On the occasion of the anniversary, on October 12, we are waiting for you in the big concert hall of the Philharmonic Orchestra with a creative evening of the band and the opening ceremony of the star.
The event will be organized by the Georgian Chamber of Culture and supported by Lilo Mall.

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