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Our history


The company "Elsavaco", now "Lilo Mall", was founded in 1991. It was the first commercial center of its kind to officially receive a permit from the government for entrepreneurial activities. The strategic location of the mall, the wide selection of products presented here, the affordable prices, and the opportunity for both retail and wholesale trade, have become the competitive advantage that has led to the success of the mall. Over the years, its products have been supplied not only to the regions of Georgia but also to a large part of the Transcaucasian countries.


Today, “Lilo Mall” owns a 35-hectare shopping complex with up to 6,000 stores.





"Lilo Mall" is one of the largest shopping centers in the Transcaucasian region in the field of both retail and wholesale trade. It manages the commercial center, which is mainly reflected in the leasing of commercial space owned by the company.


The contingent of entrepreneurs engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the territory of the commercial center is composed of multiethnic groups. There is also a variety of products that are sold at retail and wholesale in the mall.



Corporate culture


The corporate culture of "Lilo Mall" has been formed since the day of its establishment and is based on the following values:



Over the years, the people employed in the company have established relationships based on mutual respect. The principle of selection of each staff member means to get a person in the team who deserves personal respect along with qualifications. "Lilo Mall" is furnished with such staff, which is one of our strengths and reflects on the stability of the company.



Honesty is one of the core values ​​for us. Loyal staff and a conscientious attitude towards their work help us gain the trust of our partners and the public.


Common goals and interests

Common goals and interests are the values ​​by which the company has been maintained by the same team members for 20 years of existence. Mutual respect, a common concern, and sincere relationships are the guarantee of our company's sustainability. Daily decisions, business negotiations, a quick and adequate response to change, the introduction of development-oriented innovations, internal mood, and mutual trust indicate a high ability to solve problems as a team.





Charity is one of the permanent activities of the company "Lilo Mall". The letters of request received daily are reviewed by the commission and are fully or partially satisfied depending on how relevant the company's response is to improve the situation of this or that applicant. An extraordinary commission meets when groups of people in need of immediate assistance emerge in the country as a result of natural disasters, armed conflict, or other unforeseen events. Charity is carried out through the mediation of the Isani-Samgori District Board, the Business Association, the Tbilisi City Hall, or the Government of Georgia.

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